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Who We Are

Coaches of Influence Foundation (COIF) is an organization that focuses on developing the core principles of human value – “living a fulfilled life” through positive influence, empowerment, coaching, mentoring, training and personal development. Positive influence is the foundation of who we are; and it is conveyed, dispensed and reinforced in every interaction.

We are branded as an organization that exists to influence identity. Our vision is inspired by the innate desire to positively impact a valuable population to humanity – youth and women. We desire to empower youth and women to identify their skills, gifts, talents and resources through a journey of ‘self-discovery’ which leads them to the limitless world of fulfilling their custom-designed purpose.

We aspire to help young people and women to realize how they have been conditioned to think or view themselves and help them to bridge the gap between their current and future state. And because we know that walking in one’s potential begins with understanding self, discovering ‘self’ and truly identifying one’s life mission; we have positioned our organization to be a highly trusted institute to equip youth and women to unleash their power and potential through the development programs that we offer.


The success of Coaches of Influence Foundation (COIF) is consequential of the vision of its founders backed by a team of dedicated board of advisors and an engaged audience of youth and women globally. The core values that help us to convey our message of influence, beliefs, actions and behaviors are:


Human empowerment is the pillar that creates the foundation for what we do hence, we are committed to educate youth and women to examine the perspectives and cultures that create barriers in the mind to limit potential and equip them with relevant tools to adapt a more realistic culture of motivation, drive and self-belief.


We are inspired by an innate desire to build an empire of influencers, leaders and responsible citizens through education. We will cultivate the culture of influence in youth and women in our programs through teaching, coaching, training and positive influence.


We believe in diversity, inclusion and participation of every young person or woman in the work that we do in communities, organizations, institutions and nations that we serve.


We uphold high standards of integrity and ethics as the foundation of our individual and collective actions to create a culture of accountability and responsibility. We model these values by conducting our business based on established policies and procedures to model good governance and professionalism.


We believe in creating a culture of collaboration which drives positive results and passion in all programs that we offer to help us achieve the highest level of excellence. We strongly believe that one individual, one community or one organization is too small to achieve greatness. We believe in teamwork to reach a broader target population.