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Here comes the month of MAY - the time of flowers blooming and the sun shining brightly in anticipation of a new season. Then comes the month of JUNE - the time we begin to enjoy the rains and greenery all around us in many parts of the world. These two months are perfect for reflection on one of our powerful Core Values - INTEGRITY. To us, Integri...

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Core Value - Educating Through Mentorship


My Mentorship, self-development and growth journey with COIF has equipped me to learn that Mentorship provides one with the tools that challenge one to think beyond one's circle, come out of one's comfort zone.  Significantly, Mentorship through education has opened and shaped my mind with perspectives and given me the mindset that position me...

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Core Value - Educating Through Mentorship


If "Education is the training of the mind to think", then COIF has gone beyond the borders of the school system. The mentorship is designed to challenge all mentees to bring out and become the best in their areas of interest.  Not only have we been equipped to pursue our passion in the areas of entrepreneurship, farming, tailoring, poetry and ...

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Core Value - Educating Through Mentorship


 In this decade, I have come to realize that young people like me are faced with several daily challenges that can make life very difficult. This is where the COIF EMPOWERMENT value comes into play because it makes me feel empowered to take control of life and destiny while unlocking my potential to become the best version of myself. With the ...

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Core Value - Educating Through Mentorship


 Before enrolling into the COIF Mentorship program in 2020, I struggled with the insecurity of feeling like I wasn't good enough which definitely affected my self-esteem. To my amazement, just one year journey of self-discovery, mentorship and coaching unleashed strength and confidence I never knew existed within me. Right at the Meet & Gr...

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Core Value - Educating Through Mentorship


EDUCATION is the pathway to unlocking potential, creating opportunities, and paving the way towards a brighter future. This March and April, join us in highlighting the fundamental role that mentorship plays in quality EDUCATION. We invite you to participate in the challenge by sharing your Mentorship story with us.

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Core Value - Empowering Through Influence


The invitation to serve as a GUEST SPEAKER for the three years anniversary of the 'Inspiring Young Stars' (IYS) Chapter at St. Peter's Senior Secondary School in Lamin took me down a deep reflection path. The theme of the day –"CAREER COACHING " allowed me to speak to the hearts of the students to positively influence and touch their hearts. The im...

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Core Value - Empowering Through Influence


 In the words of John C. Maxwell, "Empowerment is not about giving people power; it's about unlocking the power they already have." This is exactly what I have experienced in the past four years of my encounter with COIF. In this special month of focus on our Core Value - EMPOWERMENT, I am challenged to reflect on the Support, Investment and G...

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Core Value - Empowering Through Influence


 Empowerment is known to be a process of becoming stronger and more confident in one's journey.   Young people are faced with a reality of uncertainty about our future. At COIF, we are reminded that we can have our dreams fulfilled when we believe in our inner strength. Brene Bro beautifully puts it this way: "imperfections are not i...

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VOTE FOR INFLUENCE, not for affluence!


Oh, great sun, the mighty sun of the Universe That shines over our nation day in and day out It is a great reminder of how our nation was born I can only imagine the road we traveled to get here And I cannot help asking; how did it happen? After fifty-two great solemn years of independence It is appalling that we are still dancing in the cold rains...

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Peace Building Talks & Ramadan Iftar Between Three Selected Conflict Communities


 During the month of Ramadan, Coaches Of Influence Foundation (COIF) had the unique opportunity of partnering with International Trade Center (ITC) to facilitate Peace Building Cookout sessions & Ramadan Iftar funded by the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund.  The initiative was geared on bringing together six conflict communities...

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Career Day


 February 26th, 2021 must have been a memorable day for the students of Kombo Kerewan Upper and Senior Secondary School in Lamin, The Gambia as they received their first ever career day event delivered by Coaches of Influence Foundation (COIF).The event was coordinated by Mariego Sanyang – a COIF 2nd year mentee & youth leader who also hap...

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‘Giving’ – The Bridge That Connects Humanity


Gwendolyn Brooks, an American Author, Poet and Teacher once said; "we are each other's harvest; we are each other's business; we are each other's magnitude and bond". At Coaches of Influence Foundation (COIF), one of our core values is 'empowerment' thus, we are committed to educating young people and women to carefully recognize factors that creat...

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The Power of Commitment in Leadership


I have been a participant of the Coaches of Influence Foundation (COIF's) iMentor Mentorship Program for two years now.  From the first day I enrolled into the program, I have been observing the trend in leadership and the manner in which the Mission, Vision and Core Values are conveyed in every interaction and situation. I am inclined to...

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 One of the most challenging moments for the entire world this year has been the recurring lockdown due to the "corona virus" pandemic. Not only has the situation caused regression in families and communities, it has also negatively impacted the day-to-day operations of organizations, businesses, companies, major corporations and governments.&...

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Leadership Lessons Learned from the Pandemic


 "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." ~ Martin Luther King Jr. ~ When I think of leadership, the first image that registers in my mind is 'principle'.  I strongly believe that leadership is a lifetime journey which begins with guiding ...

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A closer look at Ethics


"The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to life." ~ Albert Einstein ~ When I look around me, I see that Ethics is one thing that many desire to incorporate in their lives and apply in their rel...

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COVID 19: The Grim Reality In The Gambia


Just like many parts of the world, The Smiling Coast of West Africa – The Gambia is currently faced with the grim reality of COVID 19 virus.  As of Friday August 7, 2020, more than one thousand (1,000) people in the Gambia have been infected with the corona virus and at least nineteen (19) people have died according to the Ministry of Hea...

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Appropriate Ethical Behavior – An Essential Tool for Africa’s Youth


 Ethics is a very powerful, yet one of the most under-utilized tools in the African leader's tool kit.  Ethics originates from the Greek word "ethos" which denotes "custom or character".  Generally, ethics describes and prescribes moral requirement and behaviors, which suggest that there are acceptable and unaccep...

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ETHICS – What Is It, and Why Does It Matter?


Often, we hear the word ethics but many of us may not even know the real meaning of it.  We hear the word being used frequently by teachers, leaders, professionals, coaches, mentors, the young and the aged, but I wonder if we know what ethics really is, and why it matters.  Above all, I wonder if we truly understand how to apply...

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